The Secret Koala Society is a collection consisting of 7777 unique, fun, cute, and relatable koalas. Living on the Ethereum blockchain.

The NFT art aims to be high-quallity, simple, yet effective and meme-able. The growing ecosystem surrounding the Secret Koala Society will ensure a sustainable future for both koalas and investors. treath/la

Coming soon...

After the successful minting process of the Secret Koala Society NFTs, the team will finish the implementation of the $EU (Eucalyptus) token.

$EU is a multipurpose ERC20 token which will be partially airdropped to all NFT holders - according to their respectable NFT holdings - and will be used mainly as a Governance Token in Koala DAO.

Expected release date: 48 hours after the completion of the public minting process.






What are the benefits of owning an Secret Koala Society NFT?

Besides getting full commercial use rights of the NFT, holders are entitled to a membership that will provide them with special perks & exclusive benefits. Such as future token airdrops and game access.

Is the art randomly generated or preassigned?

Each Secret Koala Society NFT is randomly generated. Mixing and matching 9 potential trait categories and over 130 unique and hand drawn traits, ensuring each and every NFT is totally unique.

How can I mint a Secret Koala Society NFT?

Upon initial release, you can mint one – or multiple – Secret Koala Society NFTs via our website. Once the whole collection is sold out, you will be able to purchase them on the secondary markets like Opensea. You will also have a chance to win an Secret Koala Society NFT by participating in community events and giveaways.

Are there collaborations planned with any other projects?

Secret Koala Society has many very carefully thought-out collaborations and marketing plans. We have been in ongoing discussions with several popular communities, companies, agencies and influencers. We are very excited to release these in the post launch weeks.

How long after minting will my Secret Koala Society NFT be revealed?

We have selected careful roll outs and have a big surprise post launch, therefor we decided to go with a 24/48H post launch for your Secret Koala Society NFT to be revealed on Opensea. This reveal period will also prevent the so called “trait snipers” to snipe special traits and/or combinations of traits.

How much will it cost to mint?

A single Secret Koala Society NFT will cost you 0,077 ETH to mint + ETH network gas fee.